Production Capacity

Process Description


1-60 Layers

Layer is the number of layers of the design file, and to the final announcement of the site prevail.

Materials Type

FR-4 ,Taconic,Isola,Rogers

Materials Type: Supply FR4, Aluminum ,Rogers,Taconic,ect.

Max size


Only allowed to receive 550x400mm, and the other can be connected to the long board 1500mm currently.

Dimension Precision


Outline tolerance

Board Thickness Range


Produce: 0.4/0.6/0.8/1.0/1.2/1.6/2.0/2.4/3.0/4.0mm

Board Thickness Tolerance ( t≥1.0mm)

± 10%

Notes: Due to the production process causes (like Plating copper, sold mask, Solder coating will increase the thickness of the Board) generally take a positive tolerance.

Min Line Width


Line width be possible greater than 2mil, and the minimum is not less than 2mil; for multiple layer board: both the inner and outer layer can not be less than 0.05mm.

Min Line Space


The gap is possible to greater than 2mil,and the minimum is not less than 2mil.

Outer Layer Finished Copper Thickness


Refers to the thickness of the copper foil in the outer finished circuit board ,1 OZ=35um 3 OZ=105um.

Inner Layer Finished Copper Thickness


Refer to the Finished Thickness of Multi Inner Layer Copper .

Drilling hole(machine drill)


0.3mm is the min hole and 6.3mm is the max hole, if bigger than 6.3mm the factory need process it separately.

Single Side Welding Ring


There has no single side limit If the conductive hole or plug hole is too small, but had enough space; If there is not enough space, the Min single side welding ring should not less than 0.153mm.

Finished Hole Diameter(machine drill)


Due to there has metal copper stick in the inner hole, the hole diameter of the hole is generally smaller than the hole in Original file.

Hole Tolerance(machine drill)


The tolerance of drilling hole is 0.05mm, for example, the hole is designed to be 0.6mm, and the finished hole of the real board is qualified in the 0.55–0.65mm.

Solder Type

Photosensitive ink

Photosensitive ink is the most common type now. thermosetting ink is used in low-grade single-sided cardboard generally.

Min Legend Width


If the minimum width of the Legend is less than 0.15mm, the actual board may not clear which caused by the design reasons.

Min Legend Height


If the minimum height of the Legend is less than 0.8mm, the actual board may not clear which caused by the design reasons.

Legend Aspect Ratio


The most appropriate aspect ratio, more facilitate to production.

Space between Line and Outline


If come out by Routing, the distance between the line and the line layer is not less than 0.3mm; if come out by the V cut ,the distance from the center line to the V cutting line can not be less than 0.4mm.

Make-up: Gapless imposition clearance


Clearance of the intermediate plate and the plate is 0 (a detailed document)

Panelization: Gap Requires


For the clearance gap is no less than 1.6mm, otherwise routing is very hard.

Pads(Manufacturer pave copper)

Hatch pave copper

Manufacturer are using the reduction method, Pay attention to it for use Pads design customers.

Pads Software to Draw the Slot

With drill Drawing layer

If there has many Non-PHT Slot , please draw in the Drill Drawing layer.

Draw Windowing Layer In Protel/Dxp

Solder layer

A few engineers put to the paste layer, we will not process paste layer.Attention

Outline Layer In Protel/Dxp

Use Keep out layer or Mechanical layer

Notes: One file only allows one Outline layer exist , and never allow two Outline layer one time. please remove the useless outline layer, that is, Keep out layer and mechanical layer can only choose one.

Half Hole :Min Half Hole Diameter/Dxp


Half hole process is a special process, and the min hole dia should be bigger than 0.6mm.

Soldermask Opening


Solder mask is often said green color, it can be done in the process of soldmask Bridge.