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PCB design needs to provide information:
1. Schematic: a complete electronic document format that can produce the correct netlist;
2. Mechanical size: provide the specific position and direction of the positioning device, as well as the identification of the specific height limit position area;
3. Device packaging: provide device packaging library or electronic material specifications;
4. Wiring guide: a description of the specific requirements for special signals, as well as the design requirements for impedance, stacking, etc.

Design parameters:

Maximum number of PCB design layers: unlimited
Maximum number of design PINs: 60000
Maximum number of design connections: 42000
Minimum line width for design: 2.5mil
Minimum design spacing: 2.5mil
Minimum design aperture: 4mil (laser hole)
Maximum number of BGAs: 10
Minimum BGA PIN spacing: 0.4mm
Maximum number of BGA PINs: 4200
Maximum number of networks: 15000

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