One Stop Service

We are a full-service PCB&PCBA contract electronics manufacturing company that provides complete solutions for PCB&PCBA. Our experienced technicians in the industry can range from raw material sourcing to PCB prototype production, PCBA assembly, quality inspection and Shipping prices are managed effectively. Our mission is to provide customers with PCB & PCBA components that meet customer quality requirements at a reasonable cost.


We can offer you

1. Fast turnaround prototype SMT & DIP
2. PCB & PCBA lead-free capability
3. BGA mounting
4. Through-hole and hybrid PCB assembly (DIP sequence, component sequencer and axial lead insertion)
5. Automatic Device Insertion (DIP) System)
6. PCB & PCBA function verification and system testing
7. PCB prototype/small/medium batch fast expert
8. One-stop turnkey service (PCB manufacturing, PCBA component procurement, product quality assurance, logistics price)
9. Effectively build and integrate with the system
10. Reasonable cost and high quality component procurement, and programming to test the product.