Metal Core PCB MCPCB

Metal Core PCB (MCPCB)

Metal core printed circuit board (MCPCB), also known as thermally conductive PCB, is based on metal materials compared to conventional FR4 for the heat sink fragment of the board.During board operation, heat is generated due to certain electronic components. The purpose of metal is to transfer heat from critical board components to secondary areas, such as metal heatsink backings or metal cores. As a result, these PCBs are easy to thermally manage.

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Key attributes
Industry-specific attributes
Base Material:96% Al2O3
Board Thickness:0.5mm
Other attributes
Type:Metal Core PCB (MCPCB)
Copper Thickness:10-20um
Min. Hole Size:0.10mm
Min. Line Width:0.15mm
Min. Line Spacing:0.15mm
Surface Finishing:Silver Palladium conductor
Application:Laser Machine
Layer:1-32 Layers
Packaging and delivery
Package Type: 1. at buyer’s request 2. inner, vacuum package 3. outer, standard export carton.
Supply Ability:500000 Square Centimeter/Square Centimeters per Month PCB Factory