RO4350B high frequency mixing plates

RO4350B high-frequency mixing plates

Rogers RO4350B high frequency sheet has tight tolerance control (Dk: 3.48+/-0.05) with low loss characteristics (Df: 0.0037 10GHz), easy to mass produce CAF impedance (ion migration resistance), RO4350B processing process can be the same as standard epoxy/glass cloth.Rogers’ RO4350B high-frequency board board is fully compatible with traditional PCB manufacturing technology, and does not need to do special pre-treatment for through-hole copper plating (PTFE plate needs plasma treatment) or other pre-treatment processes, and the solder mask process can also grind the plate. Cheaper than traditional microwave material laminates, both active devices and high power RF designs required for fire rating UL 94V-0 are widely used.

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Key attributes
Industry-specific attributes
Base Material: FR4, FR4/High TG FR-4/M4/ M6/Rogers/Nelco/Isola
Board Thickness:1.6mm
Other attributes
Type:High Frequency PCB
Copper Thickness:0.5-3oz
Min. Hole Size:0.2-6.5mm
Min. Line Width:3mil
Min. Line Spacing:3mil
Surface Finishing:ENIG,HASL,OSP,ENEPIG,Flash Gold
Board Size:Custom
Layer Hdi Pcb Circuit Boards
Color:White Green Blue Red Yellow
Application:Electronic Products
Service:One-stop service
Usage:OEM Electronics
Package:Vacuum Package
Packaging and delivery
Package Type:Vaccum package for bare PCB with carton box ESD package for PCBA with carton box BGA Multilayer PCB PCBA Prototyping,
Supply Ability:5000 Piece/Pieces per Week