What is a soft and hard combination circuit board

Rigid-flex board (rigid-flex plate)

Rigid and soft combination board (rigidity combination board)It is a combination of a rigid circuit board and a flexible circuit board.

It is suppressed and combined according to the requirements of the relevant production process to form a circuit board with PCB characteristics and FPC characteristics.

flex pcb

Domestic and foreign names

Usually the domestic PCB industry personnel called rigid-flex board (also called soft and rigid board), the international name is FPCB (Flexible Printed Circuit Board), is a circuit board with FPC characteristics and PCB characteristics.

Production process

Because the rigid-flex board is a combination of PCB and FPC, the production of the PCB should have both FPC production equipment and rigid-flex board production equipment. First of all, the electronic engineer draws the circuit and shape of the flexible combination board according to the demand, and then, it is issued to the factory that can produce the soft and hard combination board, and the relevant documents are processed and planned by the CAM engineer, and then the FPC production line is arranged to produce the required FPC, PCB production line to produce PCB, these two soft boards and hard boards come out, according to the planning requirements of electronic engineers, the FPC and PCB are seamlessly pressed by the pressing machine, and then through a series of detailed links, the soft and hard combination board is finally made. A very important link, because the combination of soft and hard board is difficult, there are many details problems, before shipment, generally have to carry out full inspection, because its value is relatively high, so as not to let the supply and demand sides cause related loss of interests.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages: The rigid-soft board has both the characteristics of FPC and the characteristics of PCB, therefore, It can be used for some products with special requirements, both a certain rigid area and a certain flexible area, which is of great help to reduce the volume of the finished product, save the internal space of the product, and improve the performance of the product. Disadvantages: the production process of soft and hard combination board is numerous, the production is difficult, the yield rate is low, the materials and manpower are more, therefore, the production cycle is relatively long and its price is relatively  expensive.

FPC Flexible PCB

Application areas

The characteristics of the rigid-flex board determine its application fields covering all application fields of FPC in PCB, such as:

mobile phone,Key plates and side buttons, etc

Computer and LCD screen,Motherboard and display, etc

CD Walkman,Disk drive,NOTEBOOK.

Latest uses,Mounting circuits for hard disk drives (HDDs) (Su ensi. N cireuit) and XE package boards.



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